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Breaking Beyond is a life-coaching business that assists individuals in realizing and obtaining their desired goals in various areas of life. Our mission is to use coaching tools to strategize a systematic plan to remove all barriers to success. This success will depend on your willingness to define and take risks, trying new approaches. As your coach, I will be honest and direct, asking straightforward questions and using challenging techniques to help you move toward goal completion. Our aim is to help you to overcome and overtake the "ceilings" of your life; the places of limitation and restriction, the places of fear and anxiety, the places that keeps you from going beyond...

You can have  


You can live  


"ceiling free" life !

Our Vision

 To assist individuals in realizing and obtaining their desired goals in various areas of life.

Our Mission

To use coaching tools to strategize a step by step plan to remove all barriers to success.


About  Mona Mi'

Mona Mi' is a multi-faceted woman who's passion and aim in life is helping people identify and achieve their fullest potential of self worth. I have a Masters' degree in Counseling psychology, and am a certified life coach; most of all, my passion and skills exceeds my education. 

My experience with a life coach, changed my life in such an incredible way, demonstrating to me that sometimes it takes one look from a skilled individual to set me on the right course. Do yourself the favor, pair your dreams and goals with Breaking Beyond and you will never  regret the experience. Whether Spiritual, Family, Education, or Wholeness and Healing coaching…. we are here for YOU. 

WE can achieve whatever you desire to achieve… You can indeed live a 'ceiling free' life, FULL of true potential.  



of Counseling and Mentoring Experience

Certified Life Coach

Sessions Available NOW

$50 a session


Spiritual Coaching

Many people face obstacles in remaining rooted spiritually in this unpredictable, and often unsettling world; thus, reconnection is the key. You can achieve spiritual wholeness, wellness, and live an abundant life.

Wholeness Coaching

Living a life of happiness is achievable, but living a life of joy is sustainable. We have all suffered an experience that has left us feeling 'broken' and beyond shattered; there is a path to rediscovering yourself and valuing the gift of 'You'.

Relationship Coaching

"Love is as simple as breathing air." Who said that? The truth is Love is an emotion and character that requires patience and various tools of communication. Repairing relationships, no matter the origin, is a journey that requires patience and balance.